Biến tần Rhymebus RM6E1

Biến tần Rhymebus RM6E1

Mã sản phẩm: RM6E1

Biến tần Rhymebus RM6E1   1. Công suất RM6E1 100V/200V Series (1phase)                        ■ RM6E1 100V:1phase, 100~120V, 50/60Hz               ■ RM6E1 200V:1phase, 200~240V, 50/60Hz ■ Công suất động cơ     - 100V :0.5HP/0.4KW~3HP/2.2KW     - 200V :0.5HP/0.4KW~3HP/2.2KW   RM6E1 200V/400V Series (3phase)  ■ RM6E1...

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Biến tần Rhymebus RM6E1


1. Công suất

RM6E1 100V/200V Series (1

■ RM6E1 100V1phase, 100~120V, 50/60Hz              

■ RM6E1 200V1phase, 200~240V, 50/60Hz

■ Công suất động cơ
    - 100V

    - 200V 0.5HP/0.4KW~3HP/2.2KW


RM6E1 200V/400V Series (3phase

■ RM6E1 200V3phase, 200~240V, 50/60Hz   

■ RM6E1 400V3phase, 380~480V, 50/60Hz

■ Công suất động cơ
    - 200V

    - 400V 0.5HP/0.4KW~7.5HP/5.5KW

2. Đặc tính kỹ thuật

- With the temperature management and fan control functions to increase the lifetime of cooling fan and saving the energy:
     + User can monitor the temperature of drive and setting the pre-alarm level to forecast the maintenance cycle of cooling fan.
     + Fan will be standby under idle speed, light-duty load or low surrounding temperature conditions.
- Special function key(SPEC):
     + Programmable function key for forwand/reverse running, jog speed, selection of primary/secondary frequency command, etc.

- Allow RS-485 communication interface control (Modbus RTU communication protocol).
6 sets of fault records:
     + Record 4 types of information under fault condition, respectively. (fault code, ouput current, DC bus voltage, output frequency)
- Built-in dynamic braking unit (DBU); braking level and control function are adjustable.
- Running hours and supply power time of drive can be saved and displayed.
- Group design for the functions ease the function setting and management.
- Sequential operation control and PID control function.
- Provide 8 sets of monitor displays (three of displays can be defined as another extra displays).
- Provide PTC sensor setting functions for preventing the motor from overheating.
- Energy-saving selection for light-duty load.
- Auto-torque boost function.
- Provide 16 preset speeds control.
- The analog input signal of filter can be adjusted.
- The response time of digital input signal is adjustable (adjustable dead band detection).
- Independent adjustment selection of V, F for analog input signal.
- Two sets of analog input signals can do addition, subtraction and gain control.
- Programmable input and output terminals and two modes selection (SINK/SOURCE) for input signal.
- User can connect KP-601 keypad (option) for remote control, parameters duplication and saving.
- The switching frequency can be adjust between 800Hz ~ 15KHz.

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- Biến tần Rhymebus RM6E1 nhỏ gọn đa chức năng dành cho các nhà cơ khí chế tạo máy (OEM)

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